Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Needs a Hug Podcast Episode 7

Once a week Kaziah and Belthal take you through the trials and tribulations of the Needs a Hug guild on Ravenholdt US. Weekly guild news, World of Warcraft news ,commentary and special guests bring the unique flavor and insanity of the Needs a Hug guildies to the airwaves.


Childrens Week
- New Pets, Leggs the fenstrider, Scooter the Snail
- School of hard knocks on fri

Preview for 4.2
- New Armor sets.
Previews for T12 armor sets

- New Mounts

- Change the location of Char on the login screen

- Personal Progression in Hyjal


This Week
Guild hits Level 22
Our guild just hit level 22 earning us Chug a Lug which gives us an extra hour on our guild cauldrons... so now all we have to do is make enough flasks to get guild cauldrons. so everyone don't buy flasks on the auction house get someone in guild to make them!

Children's Week Event

On Fri our guild members went out and murdered the Alliance with a reason. The school of hard knocks is one of the hardest of the yearlong achievements that make up the Meta Achievement: what a long strange trip it has been. The problem of course is that unlike the other events School of hard knocks requires you to do a set of tasks while you have your orphan with you, these are:

Capture the flag in Eye of the Storm
Assault a flag in Arathi Basin
Assault a tower in Alterac Valley
Return a fallen flag in Warsong Gulch

Doing any of these things reliably is hard at the best of times. trying to do it when 10,20 or even 40 people are all rushing to do the same thing is almost impossible. that is where the guild comes in. This fri we bundled up together and managed to get a lot of people there School of hard knocks.

Looking For Guild

So this week we enabled the Looking for Guild options and wow have we had a good response we have had new people applying from all over so I wanted to give people an Idea of what it is all about. Along with all the little checkboxes that you fill out in the LFG tool there is a 255char block that we can put in a message. and this message is what diferentiate us from the other guilds.Currently our message reads:

message “Why not join Needs a hug. We have 14 bank tabs, our tabard gives +400 stamina, our guild name improves our sex appeal, and our recruitment messages lie outrageously.”

This message is pulling us in about 5-10 recruits per day once the apply I look at the message they have sent back. if they don’t put anything in the request window they are out. The more fun there message is better the chance we grab them. Once I or one of the other offciers contact them we fill them in on what the guild is like and if they want to join we invite them. Unfortunatly, this is never fool proof and we get a lot of chaff with the wheat. So if you think someone is awesome or you are having a problem let an officer know as soon as possible.

Coming Up

Friday Night Fights
this friday

Naxx achivements

The dread fortress Naxxramas, one of the ancient temples of the Nerubian people, torn from the ground by the Litch King and retooled by the mad architect Obrahiim, the Traveler now floats above dragonblight serving as a staging point for the tattered forces of the litch king. Fortunatly for us while we have been leveling to 85 they were still trying to figure out why the litch king isn't answering his phone. Since they aren't expecting anything its about time to beat them up and take there achivements. So sign up Fri for the 20th social event and show these dead heads what we can do.

Say it Dont Spray it



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