Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Needs a Hug Podcast Episode 8

Once a week Kaziah and Belthal take you through the trials and tribulations of the Needs a Hug guild on Ravenholdt US. Weekly guild news, World of Warcraft news ,commentary and special guests bring the unique flavor and insanity of the Needs a Hug guildies to the airwaves.


Ask the Devs #7 - professions is out with some interesting questions and answers.

Will you add more non-combat, or purely artistic, or stat-free, or random effect toy / fun / flavor items to the profession of my choice? – A multitude of players from all regions

Yes, especially considering they are some of our favorite things to add to the game. We can't promise that every profession is going to get equal amounts, but we definitely intend to spread them out more evenly, except for engineering. Engineers will always get more toys. :)

Archaeology is supposed to be about discovering, preserving, and honoring cultural items found, in order to learn from the past. Currently we don't do that. Instead we are forced to coldly vendor what we don't want. No donation to a museum, no return to the races of origin. Couldn’t we do something more important with these items? Can we expect more interesting stories with artifacts? Will you do something about this to make it feel like the player is getting something useful back, and perhaps remove a little bit of the random part of it so that it's more fun and focused? - Whitewnd (KR), Pusen (EU-EN), Unjoiner (NA/ANZ)

Originally, we didn't intend to create items at all when you completed a normal archaeology find, but that didn't feel right. So now we have these items that still don't feel right because you can't do anything fun with them. We are working on a more thematic and interesting way to consume the artifacts you dig up. These include returning them to the museums (for the devoted archaeologist) and the option to continue vendoring them (if you wish to continue your career as a cold-blooded treasure hunter.)
Additionally, we plan to add daily quests, a deeper story, additional skill gains, and the flexibility to focus on a specific race.

Some players may not have noticed that all artifacts have lore associated with them in the journal, even the grey ones. Every bit of it is Genuine Lore, and verified by our lore masters. So were the Dalaran Coins, of course, but not those silly Romance Novels

Will there be a way to distinguish profession nodes on the minimap for those that have two gathering professions? - Discordia (LA)

That’s a good suggestion. We recently added the ability to see your target and focus target on the minimap, but the feedback we’ve received from players is that they clutter up the map too much. Coming up with unique icons that work with only a few pixels might be challenging. We’ll give it a shot though.

Will you provide a way to speed up the acquiring of glyphs usually acquired through research and glyph books? Glyph books (Book of Glyph Mastery) are hard to come by now that people spend so little time in WotLK content. - Furlqt (NA/ANZ), 에르네스트린덴만 (KR), Kånê (EU-ES)

Yes. We will be changing the discovery spells so they can teach all possible glyphs, and the books will simply provide a no-cooldown method to do the same thing.

Are there any plans to somehow change Archeology and Fishing, which have become notoriously tedious? Do you have plans to make archaeology more appealing, maybe with puzzles or something else? - Boîndal (EU-DE), Kalani (NA/ANZ), Käworu (LA)

Yes. The dailies help with fishing skill gain, and we plan to add archaeology dailies as well. We've also discussed further incentivizing fishing in pools with faster skill gain.
We would love to add a puzzle mini-game to archaeology, and may do that one day, but we can’t make any guarantees. There are some other ideas floating around for moving between archaeology sites more quickly, and we've been brainstorming for rare random events when you are digging or fishing.

Our overall goal for these professions is that it shouldn't be too difficult to max out your skill, but catching every fish and finding every artifact should be a long journey.

Remote Guild Chat and Auction House Free Preview Ends

We have got our first raid kill on the Omnitron Defense system. Congrats to all that downed him this past Sunday and looking forward in progressing from here.

Alot of epics coming from the Zul Dungeons. The Zul dungeons have definately helped people gear up.

Wargames on the Friday Night Fights

The Buddy System Win 500 ranked arena matches while in a guild group.
Time To Open A Restaurant Cook 10,000 Cataclysm cooking recipes.

New 85’s

Question from Mooktar

Drwhat: Congrats Everyone on Downing Omni tonight!!! Hope this is a sign of raids to come
Rheya: Best wishes go out to Steadmund, for a speedy and pain-free recovery!



Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Needs a Hug Podcast Episode 7

Once a week Kaziah and Belthal take you through the trials and tribulations of the Needs a Hug guild on Ravenholdt US. Weekly guild news, World of Warcraft news ,commentary and special guests bring the unique flavor and insanity of the Needs a Hug guildies to the airwaves.


Childrens Week
- New Pets, Leggs the fenstrider, Scooter the Snail
- School of hard knocks on fri

Preview for 4.2
- New Armor sets.
Previews for T12 armor sets

- New Mounts

- Change the location of Char on the login screen

- Personal Progression in Hyjal


This Week
Guild hits Level 22
Our guild just hit level 22 earning us Chug a Lug which gives us an extra hour on our guild cauldrons... so now all we have to do is make enough flasks to get guild cauldrons. so everyone don't buy flasks on the auction house get someone in guild to make them!

Children's Week Event

On Fri our guild members went out and murdered the Alliance with a reason. The school of hard knocks is one of the hardest of the yearlong achievements that make up the Meta Achievement: what a long strange trip it has been. The problem of course is that unlike the other events School of hard knocks requires you to do a set of tasks while you have your orphan with you, these are:

Capture the flag in Eye of the Storm
Assault a flag in Arathi Basin
Assault a tower in Alterac Valley
Return a fallen flag in Warsong Gulch

Doing any of these things reliably is hard at the best of times. trying to do it when 10,20 or even 40 people are all rushing to do the same thing is almost impossible. that is where the guild comes in. This fri we bundled up together and managed to get a lot of people there School of hard knocks.

Looking For Guild

So this week we enabled the Looking for Guild options and wow have we had a good response we have had new people applying from all over so I wanted to give people an Idea of what it is all about. Along with all the little checkboxes that you fill out in the LFG tool there is a 255char block that we can put in a message. and this message is what diferentiate us from the other guilds.Currently our message reads:

message “Why not join Needs a hug. We have 14 bank tabs, our tabard gives +400 stamina, our guild name improves our sex appeal, and our recruitment messages lie outrageously.”

This message is pulling us in about 5-10 recruits per day once the apply I look at the message they have sent back. if they don’t put anything in the request window they are out. The more fun there message is better the chance we grab them. Once I or one of the other offciers contact them we fill them in on what the guild is like and if they want to join we invite them. Unfortunatly, this is never fool proof and we get a lot of chaff with the wheat. So if you think someone is awesome or you are having a problem let an officer know as soon as possible.

Coming Up

Friday Night Fights
this friday

Naxx achivements

The dread fortress Naxxramas, one of the ancient temples of the Nerubian people, torn from the ground by the Litch King and retooled by the mad architect Obrahiim, the Traveler now floats above dragonblight serving as a staging point for the tattered forces of the litch king. Fortunatly for us while we have been leveling to 85 they were still trying to figure out why the litch king isn't answering his phone. Since they aren't expecting anything its about time to beat them up and take there achivements. So sign up Fri for the 20th social event and show these dead heads what we can do.

Say it Dont Spray it



Sunday, May 8, 2011

Needs a Hug Podcast Episode 6

Once a week Kaziah and Belthal take you through the trials and tribulations of the Needs a Hug guild on Ravenholdt US. Weekly guild news, World of Warcraft news ,commentary and special guests bring the unique flavor and insanity of the Needs a Hug guildies to the airwaves.


Childrens Week
hatchling for japan

Patch 4.1
- Zul dungons
- LFGuild

Guild reached level 21

New 85’s

Epic Loots!

- History of the guild
- Choice of Ravenholdt as a server - RPPvP unique experience, new server = fun economy
- Origin as a roleplaying guild: roleplaying in all aspects of the game
- Making guildies rich by farming
- Funny recruitment messages made for interesting recruits

“Roses are red, violets are blue, some poems rhyme and some don’t. Join

“The Alliance will fear your name. You will double your DPS. Random strangers will give you hugs as you pass. One of these will come true when you join

“We have 14 bank tabs, our tabard gives +4 stamina, our guild name improves our sex appeal, and our recruitment messages lie outrageously. Join

- Healing in Cataclysm. Throughput isn’t a problem but mana is the primary healing concern.
- HpM vs HpS (forum post with spell priority). Needs to be updated.
- Rotating chakras during fight phases
- Healer’s responsibility is to end a fight with barely enough mana. Too little mana means you were too agressive (or undergeared). Too much mana usually means you were conserving too much and playing too close to the edge. OOM usually means a wipe.
- Using consumables and cooldowns BEFORE you need them
- Mythical mana potion 10k
- Concentration potion 22k mana (channel for 10 sec)
- Shadow fiend, Hymn of hope, in that order. Hymn gives a 15% boost to mana pool and fiend restores a % of mana per tick.
- Why lightwell is farking amazing and why you should click on it.
- Doesn’t drop target
- Can click while casting, while stunned or under other cc effects
- 20 yd range
- Can pre-cast prior to combat and regain the mana
- Powerful HoT but expires quickly
- Limited charges. Use when needed but ITS NOT A SPARKLY TOY

- Question from Anonomous Priest. Why do Tauren Druids named Albuimin suck so much? Is it just the foul smell or are they somehow mentally deficient? Maybe they just have priest-envy (I can’t say I blame them).

Seraphimia Writes

Hi Kaziah and Belthal,

When I was learning to DPS I was told to install omen and keep an eye on my threat. It was part of my job to keep my aggro lower than the tank, and this was especially important in leveling dungeons where the tank may be a lower level than you. Now, several years later, as I'm learning to tank there seems to be none of this in the DPS. If they are 3 levels higher than me and pull a guy off me they yell at me. I've noticed running as DPS too that the job of controlling your own aggro seems to have disappeared. I know you have both tanked and Belthal DPS's too on Belriel, what do you think of this? Should I just stop worrying about my aggro, or should I keep trying to encourage the DPS around me to either control their aggro, or enjoy their multiple deaths? (nicely of course)

Thanks guys
(pronounciation: Sara-fee-mee-ah)