Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Needs a Hug Podcast episode 4

Once a week Kaziah and Belthal take you through the trials and tribulations of the Needs a Hug guild on Ravenholdt US. Weekly guild news, World of Warcraft news ,commentary and special guests bring the unique flavor and insanity of the Needs a Hug guildies to the airwaves.

Our week in World of Warcraft

Patch 4.1 stuff
Guild chat on the iPhone

Call to arms in the dungeon finder

wailing caverns shortened

New WoW Jerseys and Hawaiian shirts

From WOW Insider

Patch 4.1 PTR: New PvE-to-PvP currency conversion
by Matthew Rossi

If you've seen the patch 4.1 PTR patch notes recently, one thing will probably jump out at you immediately. Namely, you can now buy honor points for justice points and vice versa, and you can also buy conquest points for valor points.
Updated 4.1 patch notes for April 7, 2011
Honor is now purchasable from the Justice Commodities Vendor at 250 Honor per 375 Justice.
Justice is now purchasable from the Honor Commodities Vendor at 250 Justice per 375 Honor.
Conquest is now purchasable from the Valor vendor at 250 Conquest per 250 Valor.

This is huge for people who have found themselves capped on one or another of these currencies for a while now. I know for myself, I've ended up stockpiling heirlooms for characters I may or may not ever level just to keep below the JP cap. Now I can get serious about those last few PvP items I've been holding off picking up. I am surprised to see a valor-to-conquest conversion but not a conquest-to-valor one -- seems somewhat unfair, as it gives PvE players with access to a lot of valor points a way to jump into PvP but gives no such return for PvP players who want to get a leg up in PvE.

Keeping in mind it's the PTR and is always subject to change, of course, this should be a more interesting solution to point capping than we've seen before with trade goods and suchlike.

That’s a lot of Bait - Seafood Magnofique!
Kill Squad! - 100K kills
Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker - Aeromoni
Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnoros - Darvina
Level 20

Newest Level 85

Special Guest

Seraphima Writes:
As a young tank I’m wondering if you have any hints for bear tanking or druid leveling so I can finish up my last 15 levels?

DrWhat writes:
With the new Call to Arms coming out what do you think the effect will be on random dungeons?

Say It, Don't Spray It

Kaziah: Ok, finish this sentence. Fe Fi Fo Fum, I...
Mooktar: ... instead of Magmaw, lets fight his mum
Wieland: ...want to kick some alliance bum?
Seraphimia: sell the blood of a Shammy, mon


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